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Deewaan and its commitment to protect you from COVID-19

commitment to protect you from COVID-19

Looking after you 

Covid-19 is taking over all forms of life. Its impact is widespread, and it has managed to penetrate and influence all spheres of living. We at Deewaan understand the risk that this new disease holds, and we are highly careful to take all the necessary measures and steps to ensure the safety of all our loyal and trusted clients.

Furthermore, we do not just strive to ensure the safety and protection of our customers by undertaking strict cleanliness. We also strive to serve food that delivers a boost to one’s immunity. And desi food that guarantees a lot of nutritional value.  

Our premium quality food, and the dishes which are prepared with an unmatched and supreme level of care and devotion, carry the advantage of managing, maintaining, and uplifting our customers’ immunity and health.

Not only does our authentic South Asian cuisine remind you of your home, and carry that sense of nostalgia, which immediately allows an uplifting of one’s mood and settling of a feeling of relaxation, but it also ensures that your health and immunity are being improved and made better.

As a result, our motto and motivation at Deewaan are to thrive and to work tirelessly to commit to and improve the lives and experiences of our customers. Therefore, this is an added element, a layer that we manage and look after, for the purpose of caring for our valuable customers. As we at Deewaan try hard to make you feel at home and consider everyone to be our family! 

Surprise, surprise, Nihari is healthy and is a good breakfast meal! 

Nihari is a heavy dish and, hence, many people associate it with being problematic and failing to provide nutritional value. But, Nihari, in reality, can be good for you, and it is a good breakfast meal. Let’s explore why this dish is healthy and what its health benefits are!

Nihari is a derivative of bone broth, it is a liquid containing brewed bones and connective tissues (Johnson, 2020). Therefore, having Nihari is good for your digestive system. 

As a dish, Nihari carries a lot of nutritional value, for it is rich in vitamins, nutrients, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Furthermore, as it is bone broth, it contains brewed connective tissues, which provide the body with natural compounds that come from cartilage.

In addition to this, it also contains collagen, which provides the body with amino acids – the building blocks of protein. Bone marrow, a key component of biryani, helps to provide the consumer with iron, vitamins A and K, zinc, and manganese. 

Are you convinced yet? If not, let us see some more key facts and advantages, Nihari can help reduce inflammation and heal the gut, while also helping to combat osteoarthritis.

Adding to all of this, Deewaan provides its customers with authentic, fresh, and nutritious Nihari, which is made with the best quality beef and is prepared carefully with fresh, hand-picked spices. What are you waiting for! Come join us to boost your health and taste scrumptious Nihari. 

Adding just the right amount of spices for taste and nutrition 

Deewaan prides itself on using authentic and fresh spices that have no additives and are not pre-packaged. Therefore, we work hard and also provide amazing taste. Our aromatic spices, that add nutrition and value. Let’s explore some of the spices we use and why are they beneficial for you?

We make use of cinnamon, an ingredient that is shown to help reduce blood sugar. So it is a great component for those who battle diabetes (John Hopkins Research, 2020). Turmeric, another important ingredient in some of our dishes, also aids in the reduction or elimination of inflammation. We make use of fresh ginger, which is shown to relieve nausea. And we use fresh garlic that is made use of by us, and ensures that an added boost is given to your heart’s health. 

By incorporating all of these ingredients into your diet, you will be less susceptible to diseases that put people at risk of COVID-19. So, not only do these spices benefit your overall health, but they protect you from coronavirus disease.  

Our premium quality beef and how does it help you? 

Deewaan Restaurant makes use of premium meat, and it promises to provide its customers with nothing short of the best. Therefore, our beef is of premium quality and it works to enhance your health and also fulfill your appetite. Some of the general benefits of beef include that it contains glutathione, which is a master antioxidant.

This helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and carries the benefit of strengthening the immune system (Joseph, 2017). Covid-19 is forcing people to improve their immune systems. Furthermore, it also contains L-Carnitine, which helps in improving heart health, reducing the risk of diabetes, and can even aid significantly in weight loss. Therefore, once again, beef is an ingredient and a component that helps reduce the risk of other diseases. This is highly beneficial because it carries the certainty of reducing the susceptibility to coronavirus disease. 

Final thoughts  

At Deewaan, we work hard to be loyal to our customers. As coronavirus is causing anxiety and stress Deewaan runs to remove this anxiety and worry. As it creates desi dishes and foods that are authentic and have an immense taste. And they also cater to the health of those who consume them. Visit us to gain an added layer of protection and work to reduce your susceptibility to coronavirus disease. 

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