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Deewaan Restaurant – Authentic Pakistani Restaurant in Hara Riyadh

Deewaan is an authentic desi food restaurant located in Hara, Riyadh. It is an institution that commits itself to feed all its customers with a warm, fulfilling, and nutritious meal. A meal that they have a range of options to choose from, whether they come on the weekdays to decide from the regular menu or come on a Saturday to enjoy the buffet feasts.

It is important to discuss the feeling and the thought we at Deewaan hope to inspire. At Deewaan is main mission is to remind you of home and ignite the feeling of nostalgia. When you walk into the restaurant, we want you to smell the delicious and warm spices, hear the clanging of the pots, pans, Deguchi’s, and daigh, and be welcomed by our entertaining and hospitable staff members. Deewaan commits itself to do what South Asian’s (desis) around the world do best, which is to welcome you with open hands and establish itself a hospitable and friendly environment.

Deewaan Restaurant: What does it have to offer you?

Let us just browse through what this fantastic Pakistani restaurant in Hara Riyadh has to offer. Some notable mentions that must be considered to draw you in and to make you come back for more include the Chicken Handi Boneless, Chicken Karahi, Chicken Achar Gosht, Mutton Karahi, Beef Nihari, Beef Haleem, the countless BBQ items such as the Chicken Malai Boti; and how can we forget the king of all desi foods Mutton or Chicken Biryani. Therefore, if you are searching for the best Pakistani restaurants in Hara Riyadh then you must look no further, no more thinking, googling, or redirecting! As you have found the best of the best, that is Deewaan.

Deewaan Offering the Best Halwa Puri in Riyadh

Halwa Puri is a popular Pakistan breakfast assortment that includes puris, chole masala, suji halwa, and aloo ki bhujia. Deewaan has the potential to spark life, love and excitement in your mundane weekend or weekday mornings by making some crispy puris and some incredibly flavourful halwa, aloo ki bhujia, suji and chole masala.

So, when you join us with your family and friends get ready for that authentic halwa puri experience, where you can tear the crispy puri and see its flakes fall everywhere, dip your puri into the divine bhujia or halwa, just to quickly stuff it into your mouth to prevent it from being messier than it already is. Be sure to know this: Deewaan offers the best halwa puri in Riyadh. An authentic South-Asian breakfast experience that smells, feels, and tastes like home.

Why is desi food important in a foreign land?

Traditional Indian food is gaining popularity all over the world, and it is no surprise that people have been searching for the best Indian restaurants in Riyadh. Deewaan is where you should come to find shelter, to find love and warmth, as we know what it means to be desi.

We pride ourselves on our approach and cook warm and flavourful dishes. Indian restaurants in Riyadh are the need of the time, as cooking desi food requires the use of multifarious herbs and spices. It requires careful precision, care, devotion, and ample time to create a delicious dish.

At Deewaan we use a variety of spices, these are not pre-packaged but hand-picked by us and added in careful concentrations. The meats we use are of the best quality, and we cook every and all dishes with an unparalleled precision. Our fast growth and name in the Indian restaurant community is due to our full devotion to the cause of serving you and ensuring a brilliant customer experience.

Biryani Cravings

Imagine this, it is Friday, and you are at home, studying, working, or simply running errands. You cannot catch a break from life, it seems like even weekends are now just for completing weekly tasks. You think of home, of Friday prayers back home, of how you would come back from work, or school and join your family or friends for a plate of Biryani.

You think of how you would go out with your colleagues, friends, peers, or family for just one plate of Biryani. This thought sparks sadness and reminds you of distance. So, you pick your phone up and search for Pakistani Restaurants in Hara Riyadh! Deewaan is the answer to all these thoughts, it is there to remind you of home and answer to your craving for a sense of belonging. So, that you can have a delicacy like Biryani at the fastest possible whim or craving.

Make your Saturdays Better at Deewaan

Are you bored on the weekend? Do you need a break from the constant turmoil that is life? Look no further and simply walk over to Deewaan Restaurant: A Pakistani Restaurant in Hara, Riyadh. At Deewaan we make your weekends more exciting, and fill them with laughter, clatter, hustle-bustle, and joy.

With our Saturday Buffet Menu – from 6 – 12 pm we give our customers a range of options, and they can join us at very convenient prices – 55 SAR or 25 SAR (for children under 12). So, don’t miss your chance to avail some delicious, mouth-watering, and flavor-inducing desi food at Deewaan. And book your table in advance!

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Deewaan is the Authentic Desi Food restaurant, with elegant environment, that creats a memorable experience of dinning out. Our Authentic Desi Food will take you to your Country, while dinning in Riyadh.

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