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Karahi: The Sweet Reminder of What It Means to be Desi

Karahi: The Sweet Reminder of What It Means to be Desi

What is Karahi?

There are some desi dishes which are famous internationally, these include biryani, palao and even korma. However, chicken and mutton karahi is a part of this elite, prestigious category. It is found all over the subcontinent, in dhabbas, in shops, in restaurants, in shaddis, and especially when its smell wafts in the homes of desi. It is a delicacy, a luxurious experience, and something worth trying.

In her blog, Fatima (2020) mentions karahi as the equivalent of a Sunday roast. This perfectly describes the importance of chicken and mutton karahi in desi culture. It is a delicacy to be devoured, to be eaten with a taftan. It is a desi dish that gets your hands messy, but you love it! You love it because it tastes like home, you love it because it smells like home, and you love it because it holds that gentle reminder of your mother’s cooking.

A karahi is the name of a work-like cooking pan used in South Asia. When you come into a desi household this karahi is a valuable token, it is perhaps one of the most important kitchen utensils. This is because it accommodates so much quantity of food, and gives a good grip and ample stirring action. Simply put karahi is a dish that you make with tomatoes, heavy garlic, and ginger. It is cooked with garam masalas. These spices give it that kick, that burst of flavor, and they make you come back for more.

Deewaan  Restaurant welcomes you with open arms to witness this rich history, to see the adorned dish, and to smell its rich aromatic flavors. The smell of cilantro and ginger that wafts through the air to meet you. It is its way of welcoming you, of telling you that you will have a blast. This flavor is what we recreate at Deewaan Restaurant so that you smell it before you see it. So, that you know you are home. It carries the gentle reminder of being back home and has the fondest memory of home.

The Rich History of this Desi Dish

Karahi is a rich dish with a rich history. It originates from the Indian Subcontinent and makes use of different flavors including tomatoes, onions, coriander, cilantro, ginger, red pepper, and cumin.

In Pakistan people commonly think that the dish came from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – the former Northern frontier of Pakistan. However, Karahi from Pakistani origin has one big difference as compared to the Indian one. As it does not make use of onions.

Its uniqueness is unparalleled due to its fragrance, aroma, and rich smell that hits you before you can even see them. These flavors and tastes come from cilantro, green chili peppers, and silvers of ginger. Deewaan  Restaurant makes authentic Pakistani Karahi, that targets all desi people. It is so incredibly appealing with displays of Live Karahi.

The different Variations of Karahi

Pakistani Chicken Karahi – tomato paste, that has flavorful spices added to it like green chili peppers, ginger, and fresh cilantro.

Karahi Curry Varieties – variations of the original karahi recipes that include canned tomatoes and even pre-packaged garlic.

Chicken Karahi – Karahi using garam masalas, in fresh cilantro, ginger, and a tomato paste to which juicy chicken pieces are added.

Mutton Karahi – It uses garam masalas, in fresh cilantro, ginger, and a tomato paste to which juicy mutton pieces are added.

This rich dish has so many variations that anyone can easily prepare it. No matter where you are in the world this dish carries the reminder of being desi. It enables people to know about the rich desi culture, both Indian and Pakistani. Karahi is a reminder of home, it embodies being proud of one’s heritage, of their roots.

Karahi at Deewaan Restaurant

Deewaan Restaurant is a desi food restaurant based in Riyadh, and this is the legacy it wants to leave behind. Deewaan Restaurant is inclusive, it prides itself on its roots and its rich cultural background. It welcomes people from all ethnicities to dine in it. All its staff members are busy creating delicious food and ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction. We make the most exceptional chicken and mutton karahi, with premium quality ingredients and a high level of precision. Our cooks work tirelessly to make you eat well. All the staff members meet you with a warm smile, they hear your complaints and suggestions with an open mind, and they welcome everyone inside with an open heart.

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