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Why do Desi People love Biryani?

Why do Desi People love Biryani_

Biryani: a lifestyle, a delicacy, and a sense of home

Biryani is a delicacy that holds a sense of universal love and praise. When away from home, the South Asian community undoubtedly misses this dish. And when they see it anywhere, it brings a sense of nostalgia. This desi food is delightful and sparks joy. Biryani has a good reason for doing this. For, it is a dish, a delicacy, and a cultural notation. Biryani communicates a sense of home that reminds people of belonging. Furthermore, it traces them back to their old memories of home, family, and loved ones. So, in essence, Biryani is not just any other dish, it is a desi dish. A desi food that holds the memory of home. It tastes of culture, of South Asia, of being desi and smells like the fondest memory of home.

In this blog, we recognize the different variations of Biryani, the several distinct styles in which this desi dish is cooked. There is the most popular style of biryani, which is Hyderabadi Biryani, but there are also Awadhi, Kolkata, Ambus, Dindigul, Thalassery, Donne, Bhatkali, Sindhi, Bohri, Memoni, and a variety of other types. These different styles and variations indicate that there is no singular type of Biryani, but different styles, each carrying its own culture and traditions. This shows how rich the history of this desi dish is.

The history of the divine dish

The Mughal emperors were the originators of the dish. As Biryani came from their kitchens.  This dish does not owe its sole credit to the spices and cooking style of India but also carries traces of rich Persian culture. People assume that the dish came from Persia. And this Persian recipe came to the Mughal emperors who brought it back with them to India.

To add to this and introduce more cultural nuances to the dish, some historians even consider the originators of this meal to be the Arabs. That is, they consider the Indian acceptance of the dish to be credited to Arab traders who came to India. Therefore, it is interesting to consider the rich and luxurious history of this desi dish. For it cannot be traced back in a linear way to just one dynasty of a region, but it is connected and is an overlap of various distinct regions: forming a sort of hybrid history and dish.

Thus, we found that in this blog, it would be interesting to conclude that Biryani is a desi dish. But it is a desi meal that runs in the veins of South Asians and even other Asian communities. Because of its rich history and origins, it is of a hybrid nature, not belonging to a single region, but stemming from several distinct regions.

The dish itself: in all its fullness, greatness, and completion

Let’s look at the preparation process of this scrumptious desi food. Well, for starters, Biryani takes a lot of time to prepare. It has a complex, long, cooking process; a procedure that Deewaan handles with a lot of care and attention. Undoubtedly, the preparation of this luxurious dish is equal to creating art itself.  We add layer rice, both white and yellow. Then we mix it gently and carefully with meat, vegetables, and spices. The whole process is beautiful as the white and colored grains of rice mix with the pieces of meat and vegetables.

Hyderabadi Biryani is very famous. The reason is that that when cooking it a salted degchi is used. It carries a lot of complexity. It is cooked by placing a layer of meat on the bottom. Topping it off with a layer of half-cooked rice, and then adding fried onion and spices such as saffron on the top. Its cooking requires the lid to be fully sealed and shut. This situation allows for an airtight seal, which makes the biryani cook slowly. Moreover, each and every aspect of this dish is perfected and catered to, for the sealing of the pot traps the aroma and smell of the spices and absorbs them into the meat and the rice.


How does Deewaan work to provide you with the finest Biryani experience?

We, at Deewaan, know the beautiful history of Biryani and we are also aware of what the dish means to our valuable customers. Therefore, we take all the necessary steps and go above and beyond in preparing the finest biryani. We work tirelessly to maintain the best quality Biryani! A desi meal that transports you back home. It takes you back to your loved ones, family, and friends. For, it is a dish that brings warmth and comfort into your life. Most importantly it is a desi meal that nourishes you and brings you back for more.

Some of the steps we take to ensure a distinguished Biryani experience and taste for you include:

We add fresh spices, that are not from any prepackaging. We add them individually, showcasing all the care and devotion we pay to your meal.

The meat is of the finest quality and is extremely fresh. We pick this meat out ourselves and check its quality, assuring you that we have quality assurance.

At Deewaan we cook it in a traditional style, in a large degchi. This makes sure that the aroma of the spices absorbs nicely into the meat and rice.

Our qualified chefs know how to prepare the dish in all its excellence and carefully monitor and prepare the dish beautifully.

We ensure cleanliness and work in a fully sanitized environment, as we know the importance of maintaining a safe and clean workplace.

We take all the necessary steps to never compromise on sanitation. As our staff cleans and sanitizes all dishes, as well as wearing gloves and hairnets at all times. Deewaan has a lot of precautions in place to minimize the risk of Covid-19.

Trust Deewaan to fulfill your Biryani cravings, for when you join us, you do not just come to a restaurant, you find a family.  It is a family that commits itself to look after you and nourish you.

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