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Riyadh has a wide variety of foods to offer

Riyadh has a wide variety of foods to offer

Riyadh: encompassing and embracing different cultures

Riyadh is a city which is known for its rich culture. It is famous for its multiculturalism, with its different races, ethnicities, and cultures. This rich culture allows for so many advantages and a range of different benefits. One such advantage is the region’s rich, luxurious, and diverse cuisine, which includes a variety of foods to provide a burst of flavor and delectable experiences. Riyadh is home to many different types of foods, various types of cuisines, and many places readily accessible that offer these delectable dishes.

All the different dishes have their own cultural background, their own distinct origins, and rich history. Just imagining a city that has all of these flavors packed into one geographical location is such a great feeling. It gives us more reason to be in awe of the city. Continental food, Turkish food, Arabic food, South Asian or Desi food, and many other cultures are represented by each cuisine or location. In this blog, we will look at some well-known dishes, which may make your mouth water and prompt you to seek these foods out to satisfy all of your cravings. All of these are easily available near you in Riyadh.

Visiting some Arabic Dishes

How can we not discuss dishes that are native to Saudi Arabia when considering the cuisine that is prominent and the foods that are liked in Riyadh? Let us dive into some rich, delicious and mouth-watering treats. All these treats are easily available in Riyadh, therefore let’s look at some foods available in Riyadh. The first and most important food that we had to include was the shawarma – shawarma is a delectable and tasty Middle Eastern treat that is marinated and includes a spit-roast. Interestingly, its origins go back all the way to the Ottoman Empire. This yummy meal is enjoyed all throughout the Middle East and there are some great Shawarma places in Riyadh that you must try. These include: Faredah Hanim, Golden Saj, Lagaleeg, Shawarma House and so many more restaurants that offer delicious shawarmas.

Another dish worth mentioning is the kabsa, which is influenced by Persian and Indian Biryanis and can be made with lamb, camel, fish, shrimps, and chicken. It includes long-grained rice and re-used water from cooking the meat and fish to add this amazing flavor and perfectly blend all the spices. It is available at multiple lush restaurants in Riyadh including Operation Falafel, Najid Village, Al Orjouan, Mama Noura, Lusin, Burj Al Hamam and so many more that the list is endless.

Some other fantastic Middle Eastern dishes worth mentioning include Harees, Gursan, Hininy, Tharid, Ma’amoul, Martabak, Saleeg and Dajaj Mashwi. Although there are so many other and unique Arabic dishes, we have briefly mentioned these and highlighted some top 10 foods, so that if you are a foodie visiting the area and new to the culture, then you MUST devour these to experience their beautiful flavour, enjoy the unique spices and dine in the rich Arabic culture.

Visiting some Turkish Dishes

Turkish cuisine is known for its remarkable ability to capture different cultures, as it embraces all influences. These include tastes from the Mediterranean, Central Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. You can gain all of this in Riyadh, near you! Therefore, imagine dining in Riyadh and feasting on scrumptious Turkish cuisine, with its dishes that capture so many different regions.

These include Koftë, balls of minced meat which are spiced to perfection.

Hamsi is another prominent dish, which is the most popular fresh fish from the Black Sea. It has different cooking styles from poaching it to even just baking or frying it.

Dolma is another refreshing appetizer that includes stuffing different types of leaves, including vine leaves, peppers, zucchini, and cabbage leaves. This stuffing includes a yummy mixture of ground beef, spices, and even rice.

So, a wide variety of Turkish foods are available near you. Imagine tasting such a rich history and life in your own city and close to home. Some of the best Turkish restaurants in Riyadh include Azure Restaurant, Sultan Steakhouse, Mama Noura, Topkapi, Tugra, Lokma Istanbul, Assaraya Turkish and so many more that are a must to visit!

Visiting some Desi Dishes

Like Turkish dishes, South Asian cuisine has so much history. For it has a lot of influence on it from different regions. Therefore, the essence of Desi dishes is in diversity and celebrating diversity. Furthermore, they have so much taste, flavor and spice to them that one cannot help but enjoy them. Let us consider some of the most popular South Asian dishes in Riyadh. Desi food is easily available in Riyadh, no matter where you go and what your budget is.

Nihari is a tender, slow-cooked beef or chicken stew, which is so succulent, it makes people come back for more.

Kababs – slow-cooking meat skewers that can be beef, chicken, fish, and mutton. They are rich and yummy due to a lot of spices that desi people serve them with.  They include hot spices, and vegetables such as onions.

And how can we forget it? Biryani – layered rice with chicken, mutton or vegetables. This long-grained, colorful rice is an explosion of flavor and is a personal favorite.

Some of the most promising places include BBQ Tonight Riyadh, Lahori Khabay, Zouq Mughal Restaurant, Sholay and Deewaan Restaurant.

Finishing Remarks

Therefore,  no matter where you are from Riyadh has a lot to offer you. The best being Deewaan, it is affordable, has amazing evolving deals, and it carries authentic desi taste.

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