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Desi Food

How do Deewaan’s “vibes” remind you of Desi warmth and hospitality?

The vibes at Deewaan are what we hope to make immaculate and outstanding. Our restaurant commits itself to providing you with an authentic, mouthwatering, and beautiful desi experience. It aims not just to serve you a wide variety of desi and continental foods, but also to make your experience whole by arranging fun festivities and..

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Riyadh has a wide variety of foods to offer

Riyadh: encompassing and embracing different cultures Riyadh is a city which is known for its rich culture. It is famous for its multiculturalism, with its different races, ethnicities, and cultures. This rich culture allows for so many advantages and a range of different benefits. One such advantage is the region’s rich, luxurious, and diverse cuisine,..

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A Guide Explaining the Uniqueness that Deewaan embodies

What is Deewaan Restaurant? Deewaan Restaurant means home. It means your warm reminder of home. Radiating love, family, and care. And carrying the sweet reminder of what it means to be desi. Deewaan is committed to ensuring that the food it serves attains an authentic taste. So, we can guarantee you an authentic South-Asian culinary..

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About Us

Deewaan Restraunt

About Deewaan

Deewaan is the Authentic Desi Food restaurant, with elegant environment, that creats a memorable experience of dinning out. Our Authentic Desi Food will take you to your Country, while dinning in Riyadh.

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