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A Guide Explaining the Uniqueness that Deewaan embodies

A Guide Explaining the Uniqueness that Deewaan embodies

What is Deewaan Restaurant?

Deewaan Restaurant means home. It means your warm reminder of home. Radiating love, family, and care. And carrying the sweet reminder of what it means to be desi.

Deewaan is committed to ensuring that the food it serves attains an authentic taste. So, we can guarantee you an authentic South-Asian culinary experience.  We work tirelessly to achieve our goal of making everyone who eats our Desi food feel as if they are back in their homelands.

Like they are enjoying their authentic, tasty, and one-of-a-kind cuisine back home. To achieve this aim, we have a well-thought-out process and a comprehensive plan. This plan helps us maintain exceptional quality and reminds you of a wonderful home-cooked meal.

How do we create an outstanding experience for you

We cook each of our dishes with a lot of care. So it allows each of them to stand out with their own unique taste.

None of our dishes replicate the sauce or paste of another dish. As each of them is cooked by a separate cook.

Each dish is curated with its own set of authentic spices, not using pre-packaged spices. Therefore at Deewaan we use our own unique ground spices. So, we establish a different and unique taste for all our dishes.

Each of the pastes in which the dishes are cooked is distinct. This results in each of them having a distinct taste and a special memory.

We utilize a traditional cooking style. So, we strive for an end result that presents all our hard work.

Some of our menu items are cooked overnight in large pots – making you dine on phenomenal quality food that is unmatched in its unique cooking process.

All of the food items are cooked with high-quality ingredients – attaining the best standard in terms of each and every component that enters your dishes.

As a result, all of our menu items are undoubtedly delicious, unique, and include a splash of traditional South Asian cuisine, exploring all the richness of its culture.

Ensuring Inclusivity for all of our Customers

Deewaan has a skilled and proficient team who strive to their utmost capacity to confirm that the food you eat, receive and share has an exceptional taste and brings a feeling of comfort and joy into your life. Therefore, when you join us, you enter a restaurant that is dedicated to making you feel at home and sparking a sense of ease and relaxation in your life.

Furthermore, our efforts are not only aimed at recreating a home-food experience. As the Desi community that lives in Riyadh. But, we create a sense of inclusivity.

We want our food to be enjoyed, loved, and devoured by every resident of Riyadh so that this worthwhile experience can be spread, and more people can get the opportunity to feast on our delicious food. This is the vision we embody – while understanding some limitations that might impede this goal.

The most significant impediment to our goal is the fact that Desi food is somewhat perplexing to those who have never experienced or eaten it. But, since our aim is to make everyone enjoy our food and carefully curated dishes, we work tirelessly to make this experience more inclusive and increase our availability.

Hence, we have on this blog formulated a guide to our South-Asian cuisine, a comprehensive essay that aims to enlighten first-time customers – making their visits more regular and easier.

Indian Breads

Naan – we have tandoori naan, which we prepare by allowing it to rise for a year and adding yogurt to the dough. We serve this delicacy with gravies and sweets.

Taftan – a clay oven-baked bread of Indian and Pakistani origin that is only available at Deewaan. We make it with eggs, yogurt, and milk. So, we carefully season it with saffron and cardamom powder, while garnishing it with some poppy seeds.

Poori – we deep fry these in ghee, ensuring that they are cooked and come out as perfectly puffed and crispy circles.

Main Courses / Salans / BBQ

Biryani – We cook this to perfection, with our carefully boiled rice. It has a richness of spices and flavor. And by adding a layer of chicken and beef, it gets some protein and meat. This protein is especially beneficial for people. We use a range of condiments including ghee, mace, pepper, cloves, cardamom, ginger, tomatoes, and much more. These condiments make biryani special and flavourful. Deewaan does this to ensure that you leave with a satisfied appetite. Furthermore, we hope that you crave more and return soon.

Live Karahi – This has its origin in Pakistan.  We make it with fresh onions, tomatoes, cumin, coriander, red pepper, green chilies, and garlic. In addition to all of these fresh vegetables, we use a variety of spices. These spices add flavor and vigor to our meals. So, we cook them with the best quality chicken or even mutton. This results, in a finished product that is extremely colorful and delectable. You should eat our Karahi with a wide range of Indian breads.

Nihari is a slow-cooked stew that we make primarily using beef or lamb shank meat. It also uses chicken or mutton. We give this even more richness and tastiness by adding bone marrow and a range of spices. To ensure it is exquisite and to give it that perfection. So, we cook it overnight in a big pot. This slow-cooking presents all our effort. So, that you can eat it and devour it.

Chicken Tikka – There is a range of scrumptious BBQ items on our menu, but in this blog, we will mention Chicken Tikka, as it is one that the majority of people are familiar with and enjoy. We bake the chicken on skewers, using blazing heat or angeethi. After this, we marinate it with different spices. Finally, we even add yogurt. This careful baking and cooking give it that amazing, authentic desi taste.


Kheer – this is a type of pudding that we prepare in the most traditional and authentic fashion. It includes milk, sugar, and rice. So,  we believe that anyone with even a slight sweet tooth will completely and fully find this to be heavenly.

Finishing Remarks

As a result, the Deewaan Restaurant is more than just a place to eat. It dedicates itself to become a prime restaurant and location. We hope to be your home away from home. It prides itself on welcoming all people, from different regions. It is a reminder of home. A South-Asian abode that welcomes all ethnicities and races. It ensures that they have a wonderful and exquisite experience.

These are only a few examples of our menu that can be thoroughly enjoyed by you and your family or friends. to gain more details and even more, options Visit our menu at

For even more information and to enjoy an exciting and memorable experience, visit us and dine with us. Visit us

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